ElIoT CLASSIC – monitoring power consumption online

With disposable, replaceable battery.
ElIoT collects data about el. consumption in your home.


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How does it work

  1. Place the device on the electricity meter
  2. Write the device number to the application
  3. In the application, you select a tariff and a electricity distributor.
  4. You instantly see consumption and you collect data
  5. Based on the results, you optimize your consumption

Main advantages

  • 100% detection of low and high tariff
  • Up to 30% savings in electricity costs due to optimization
  • Instant alerts for increased consumption and fluctuations
  • Cost tracking in CZK with a forecast of annual billing
  • The device is not dependent on an Internet connection

ElIoT is especially suitable for:

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Připojení do sítě LoRaWAN, Připojení do sítě Vodafone Narrow Band