How to save money

Saving energy

Monitor your energy consumption

If you do not watch your energy costs, you cannot control them. Monitor your costs in real time and see how much energy you consume and how much it costs.

Be eco-friendly

Electricity production uses up fuel and produces CO2. By connecting only the necessary appliances, you act not only economically, but also environmentally friendly.

All data on-line

In your profile page, you have on-line access to your expenses. Connect whenever you want, wherever you are, check your daily, weekly, or monthly costs.

Take control of your el. consumption

Thanks to a simple network connection, you can control your appliances remotely. You can set up a time schedule or switch them on/off manually.

Save money and time

If you know how much you spend, you can start saving. Replace older appliances for new or disconnect an unnecessary appliance.

Detect non-standard situations

A security system detects any abnormalities in the power network. Get a notification if there is a sudden short circuit or the appliance switches off unexpectedly.

Sample of consumption overview

This section with a sample electricity offtake clearly shows the peak oand off-peak rates and real kWh consumption in the given rate. The uses can easily switch between total kWh consumption, daily, weekly or annual overview. The bars are divided into the peak and off-peak rates. The PoLoRa demo section shows real-time, anonymous data in numeric and graphic format.

Demo VisionQ

Have a look at sample graphs of consumption in our network.

Daily usage

Montly usage

Annual usage

Total consumption