How does it work

How does it work

An innovative system for on-line electricity consumption monitoring

  • combines LoRaWAN or Narrow Band technology offering wireless connection of your devices with minimal energy requirements and unique sensors for measuring real-time electricity offtake
  • uses radio communication which supports two-way communication with your device
  • keep an eye on your costs at all times
  • collect and record data in one place
  • evaluate long-term tendencies
  • lower energy costs effectively
  • uses encrypted communication for increased security

Connect the device to your electricity meter

Installing ElIoT is intuitive. The position of the device varies based on the type of meter, but the installation is always the same. Just place the device on the sensor and a attach with a magnet.

Files for download:
Description and specification of ElloT
Firmware description (experts only)
Meter compatibility

Range of ElSa application

  • Switch your appliances on/off using a web-based interface on your smart device (smartphones, tablets) and computers
  • Plan on/off switching in a calendar
  • Clear history overview and statistics (on/off times, duration over a given period)
  • Remote control of the device, manual switching using a button on the rear side of the socket

Connection guarantee

  • We guarantee that your device connect to the network anywhere in the Czech Republic.
  • If not, you can return the device within 14 day with a full refund, no questions asked.