An effective way to keep electricity consumption under control in real time. It combines data network technology connected to your household appliances. The recorded data are available in an on-line profile and help you lower your power costs.

ElIoT is an end instrument that connects to electricity meter and once it is registered in the user’s profile, it collects data about electricity consumption in your household.

This device gives you accurate information about consumption distribution over a given period of time (in CZK of kWh) so you can schedule power usage more effectively into peak and off-peak rates (formerly day and night rates) or set a limit to an energy-intensive appliance. This device can also send alerts when consumptions soars due to a fault in the appliance. You see exactly how much you save compared to your pre-payments and how much you get back at the end of the settling period.

Internet of Things is a network of interconnected devices. This network can take the form of the Internet or a network of devices communicating with one another and collect various data. This two-way communication leads to a more effective, cost-effective operation and accuracy.

Yes, to most meters, but not to any meter. It can only connect to digital electronic meters. It cannot connect to older mechanical meters.

In rare cases, the optical port is kept under a seal. In this case, do not remove the seal and contact is at info@visionq.cz (attach a photo of your electricity meter) and we will get back to you with further instructions.

You can do so with any device. The profile is a web-based application and is fully responsive, which means you can log in from any PC, tablet or a mobile phone.

ElIoT runs on one lithium battery. Simply replace the battery when empty. Your profile page has a battery indicator and will notify you when it is running low.

The registration fee is necessary for registering the device into the data network which provides data transfer between your ElIoT device and your profile page, 24/7, all year round. The data needs to be transmitted and a common internet network cannot be used because not every electricity meter is within the reach of a wi-fi network. Power consumption also comes into play: in a standard wi-fi network, ElIoT would have to be constantly powered, but in our network, it is powered by a single replacable lithium battery. This compromise costs 0,80 CZK a day. At present, there is no other solution that would cost less than 300 CZK annually and does not wear the battery out.

Yes. We guarantee that your device connect to the network anywhere in the Czech Republic. If not, you can return the device within 14 day with a full refund, no questions asked.

Nothing happens. At present, we cooperate with most suppliers in the Czech market and they are aware of ElIoT. The device does not use any electricity from the meter, does not affect the measurement, does not damage the meter in any way. For this reason, the supplier have no objections to ElIoT being used.

No, there is none. ElIoT is a highly complex device that in unique in the Czech market. Similar devices can be found abroad, but their price is approximately three times the price of an ElIoT.

This will not happen. Customers often fear that, yet there has been no case like that recorded yet. When connected, ElIoT looks like an integral part of the electricity meter so it is unlikely that a lay person attempts to remove it. An intentional theft makes no sense because without your consent, it cannot be connected to any other meter. If real damage is intended, most likely the seal on the box will be broken and this cannot be avoided.

Yes, but is depends on the type of meter and what data it offers. We offer customised, tailored information transfer for professionals and companies. We deal with your requests individually. In any case, you always have to consider that an increased data transfer puts more demand on the battery and the NB or LoRaWAN data tariff.

Yes, it is, API is available. Contact us for more information!

ElIoT connects to the electricity meter through optical interface (IR port). This is defined in the IEC 62056-21:2004 (ČSN 62056-21) norm. It is a two-way communication protocol over an optical transport layer comprising of two pairs of optical elements (emitter-collector), a LED phototransistor in technical terms. Unlike pulse outputs (S0, metering diode), in this case a real-time state of the internal counter of the meter is transmitted in a digital form. The difference between two subsequent states read out at defined intervals gives the energy consumption in the given interval. The advantage of this interface lies in the exact and accurate reading of variables measured by the meter, namely active (as well as reactive) energy in different rates, energy consumed in each phase, etc.