Practical examples

Practical examples of application

Family house in Liberec


A family living in a city in the mountains decides to have a heated garage driveway so they do not have to remove snow and ice. Even though the company building the driveway pointed out the high costs, they were unable to give an estimate. Switching the heating on and off was automatic based on current weather conditions, regardless of the energy consumed. There was no cost estimate and therefore no increase in direct debit payments. To the owners big surprise, there was an unpaid balance in the annual bill in ten thousands Czech crowns.

You can avoid similar situations by watching daily offtake or even set up a daily limit in kWh or cost amount, which will automatically send an alarm by email or a text message. Daily bar chart shows all fluctuations over the past month, similarly to the monthly consumption graph and a monthly limit.

Small company


A small company was faced with a problem of clogged eaves on the company building. During the day, show on the roof thawed away and the water froze during the night. This subsequently damaged walls due to collected dampness and even put passers-by in danger because of falling ice. For this reason, the company decided to have heated eaves installed. They calculated the estimated cost in cooperation with electricity supplier and regular increased monthly payments. However, the following winter was particularly mild and heated eaves were not in operation. At the end of the settling period, the company had a considerable overpayment which the supplier used automatically for monthly prepayments for the next year.

This could have been solved by monthly optimization – to adjust the prepayments so that there is a zero balance at the end of the settling period, i.e. you pay only for the real consumption and there is no overpayment or outstanding amount at the end of the settling period. The VisionQ user can specify the tariff used and the monthly payments and the algorithm automatically calculates the balance between payments and consumption and can predict the final balance at the end of the settling period.

A new building in the centre of Liberec

Identifying the peak and off-peak rates

A family chose a product by the electricity supplier comprising of peak and off-peak rates. The supplier website says the peak and off-peak times were only approximate, so this information could not be relied on.

Using the PrLoRa system, it is very simple to identify the peak of off-peak times: the user looks at the device website and sees the rate at a glance. To maximize the benefits of off-peak rates, it also possible to have an email of a text message sent when the off-peak rate goes on. You can also have a graphic overview of the peak and off-peak times over the past 30 days and turn on and off your electric appliances accordingly.

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