A unique device for monitoring and saving electricity

Save up to 30 % annually

  • 1. Simply connect the device

    It is simple and anyone can do it

  • 2. Put the device code into your profile

    So that the device connects to your profile

  • 3. See your consumption at a glance

    And you can optimise it straight away

Solution for HOMES

The most effective system combining an intelligent LoRaWAN network and our original sensors that help you to keep your bills under control

Individual solutions for
companies, enterprises, and councils

Practical examples of application

A family living in a city in the mountains decides to have a heated garage driveway so they do not have to remove snow and ice. Even though the company building the driveway pointed out the high costs, they were unable to give an estimate…

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A small company was faced with a problem of clogged eaves on the company building. During the day, show on the roof thawed away and the water froze during the night. This subsequently damaged walls due to collected dampness …

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  • Do you want to save up to 30 % annually on electricity bills?
  • Use up 100 % off-peak tariff?
  • Have your electricity costs under control?

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